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SeeMeCNC H-1 3D Printer Project (hardware and plastic construction)

I received my H-1 Hardware and Plastic kit from SeeMeCNC in the post about three weeks ago, but decided to wait until they posted the build instructions before building the machine. Two weeks ago, they posted the instructions, and I got to work putting it together.

First off, I believe the part count for the H-1 is much higher than that of the RepRap Mendel (and probably the other RepRaps as well). But following the instructions was simple, and construction was much more satisfying than the Mendel. Only a few holes needed drilling, and bending the threaded rods was actually quite simple. (more…)

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RepRap + SPaRC

RepRap Prusa Mendel Project (status update)

I know I haven’t post an update on the RepRap in a while, but it’s not because it hasn’t been worked on! So here is a list of what I have done so far:

  • Sourced the rest of the hardware and built the frame,
  • Finished up the RAMPS electronics board and tested all of the stepper motor drivers,
  • Built and tested the MakerGear hotend (extruded its first plastic!),
  • Soldered up the optical end-stop boards and tested them, and
  • Built the Wade’s Extruder.

What still needs to be done:

  • Stepper motors still need mounting (waiting on the screws),
  • Frame needs to be measured and adjusted,
  • Extruder may need adjusting,
  • Print surface needs to be mounted,
  • Electronics need to be mounted, and wires need routing, and
  • Then on to first prints!

So it’s coming along smoothly, with a couple of hiccups with the extruder and hotend,  but those issues have been (hopefully) solved and the printer will be done very soon! When I’m finished, I’ll post a final cost analysis, and will offer to help print/assist anyone who wants to build their own! Here are a couple more pictures of the RepRap’s progress: (more…)

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RepRap + SPaRC

RepRap Prusa Mendel Project (PLA bushing help)

The chassis/frame for the RepRap has been mostly put together, but I ran into a small problem with the PLA bushings that I received with my printed plastic parts. They were of very low print quality, looked terrible, and would not slide at all on the smooth rod. I was able to get them to work beautifully on the smooth rod after I ‘repaired’ them, so I’m going to share that process:

The bushings would not completely fit on the smooth rods because there was small bits of plastic in the way, so I took a piece of leftover threaded rod (or just use a leg on your frame if you have no more threaded rod), and forcefully slid each bushing back and forth across the rod. This removed imperfections in the plastic and allowed the bushings to slide gracefully across the smooth rods. Bushings, saved!

Looking at these bushings, however, I think one of the first upgrades to the RepRap will be replacing the x-axis and y-axis bushings with linear bearings, so that they will not have to be replaced as often. Some new parts will have to be printed to hold the bearings, but that is further down the road.

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RepRap + SPaRC

RepRap Prusa Mendel Project (orders in!)

All of the ordered parts (electronics, steppers, hotend, plastic parts) have come in! Everything looks great, and Ultimachine even sent samples of green and white PLA to test things with! Also, I would like to give thanks to MakerGear for their neatly organized parts and a surprise chocolate square.

I will start soldering the electronics next and will update when that is finished.

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