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SeeMeCNC H-1 3D Printer Project (hardware and plastic construction)

I received my H-1 Hardware and Plastic kit from SeeMeCNC in the post about three weeks ago, but decided to wait until they posted the build instructions before building the machine. Two weeks ago, they posted the instructions, and I got to work putting it together.

First off, I believe the part count for the H-1 is much higher than that of the RepRap Mendel (and probably the other RepRaps as well). But following the instructions was simple, and construction was much more satisfying than the Mendel. Only a few holes needed drilling, and bending the threaded rods was actually quite simple. (more…)

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Windows 8 Delevoper Preview

Installing the Windows 8 Developer Preview from a USB Drive (Pen Drive)

Many of you may have heard that the Developer Preview of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system has been released to the public. I personally wanted to try it out, so I grabbed my old laptop, added the install files to a USB drive, and booted from the USB drive. It works great, so I’ll write out instructions for those of you with a current Windows system who want to try out the preview! (more…)

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