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RepRap Prusa Mendel Project (status update)

I know I haven’t post an update on the RepRap in a while, but it’s not because it hasn’t been worked on! So here is a list of what I have done so far:

  • Sourced the rest of the hardware and built the frame,
  • Finished up the RAMPS electronics board and tested all of the stepper motor drivers,
  • Built and tested the MakerGear hotend (extruded its first plastic!),
  • Soldered up the optical end-stop boards and tested them, and
  • Built the Wade’s Extruder.

What still needs to be done:

  • Stepper motors still need mounting (waiting on the screws),
  • Frame needs to be measured and adjusted,
  • Extruder may need adjusting,
  • Print surface needs to be mounted,
  • Electronics need to be mounted, and wires need routing, and
  • Then on to first prints!

So it’s coming along smoothly, with a couple of hiccups with the extruder and hotend,  but those issues have been (hopefully) solved and the printer will be done very soon! When I’m finished, I’ll post a final cost analysis, and will offer to help print/assist anyone who wants to build their own! Here are a couple more pictures of the RepRap’s progress:

RepRap Prusa Mendel Frame

MakerGear Hotend

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