Tips and Tricks – Powering on a Samsung Galaxy SII without a Power Button

Recently, I needed to recover some files from a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII with a broken power button. There is a common problem with many Galaxy S II phones where the power button will either be stuck or unresponsive. If the power button is stuck, the phone will be difficult (if not impossible) to fully boot, as the phone will constantly shut itself of and reboot. If you’re looking to boot up your phone that has a similar problem continue reading!

If your phone is stuck in the rebooting loop, you’re going to need to disable the power button somehow. WARNING: Doing anything in this paragraph may void your warranty; do at your own risk. You may be able to mash the button enough to cause it to stop being stuck, but if that doesn’t help, you may need to take more drastic measures. If you don’t mind destroying the power button and possibly voiding your warranty you can easily open your phone and disable the button. First disassemble your phone and remove the mainboard (Instructions on disassembly can be found in plenty of YouTube videos, you only need to remove the mainboard). Then locate the power button switch and wiggle it until it disconnects.

Powering on a Samsung Galaxy SII without the power button:

If your phone is still powered on, you can plug it into a computer or charger via USB, which should wake it up so you can access your apps and files. If your phone is powered down or you still can’t get the phone to wake up, take the following steps:

  1. Remove the battery and reinsert it.
  2. While holding the up-volume and down-volume buttons, plug the phone into a charger or computer using a USB cable. This will boot the phone into recovery mode, shown below:
  3. Samsung Galaxy S II Recovery ModeWhen the recovery mode menu is displayed release the volume buttons.
  4. Press the down-volume key to restart the device.
  5. The phone should boot up to your lockscreen, and you’re good to go!

If this works, or you’re still having trouble, comment below and let me know!

52 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks – Powering on a Samsung Galaxy SII without a Power Button

  1. i tried this and it didnt work. i just want it to turn on long enough for me to back my stuff onto my laptop so i can transfer everything into my replacement phone. any other suggestions for me?

  2. Thanks mate, but this boots into download mode. Is there a similar way to boot to recovery mode. I need to hard reset. and the power button is not available.

  3. It will not work for me… I have a verizon galaxy note 2, any other suggestions? I’m going to get it fixed, but the phone repair shop will not have the part for about a week. The phone works fine, just the power button will not work and it died today and I can’t turn it back on.

  4. My s2 switches on if I hold the volume button up in the volume up position whilst inserting the charger…..GOOD LUCK

  5. I tried this and it didnt work. Although im not sure if my problem is related to this. My power button is super sensitve and my phone keep restarting itself every time the button is slightly touched. what should i do about this?

    1. omg same thing with me I dropped my phone today and now every single time I touch the power button it turns off and just keeps vibrating if you figured this out or someone else did please let me know!!

  6. Thank you this was a life saver. I tried it a couple of times because I was not doing it right. At first I tried doing it without taking the battery out and it did not work. Then I just pressed either the volume up or down and didn’t work either. Finally I took the battery out and pressed with one finger the volume up and down at the same time and the screen you mentioned came up and I just let go and then pressed volume down and I was able to recover my pictures. I was also able to save my cell since you can now download and app that will awaken your cell when it goes to sleep mode. I just have to make sure it is constantly charged but if it becomes discharged I just follow your instructions and voila… comes to life again. Your website saved my pictures and my cell. Thank you.

  7. My power seems to be ok. It’s just not turning on the phone. My battery is in perfect condition. I just need gthe phone powered back on. Please help!

  8. Thank youu soo muchh..
    that was really helpfull
    i just removed the battery and put it back and was holding volume up and down button
    and my fone started even before connecting to usb or charger

  9. If you have a soldering iron use it to melt the solder on the power button and while it is still hot pry it off of the phone’s circuit board. Make sure any remaining solder does not connect the areas where the button was removed from. After putting the phone back together, connect it to a powered usb port and then place the battery in the phone. This will boot the phone without trapping you in the boot loop. The broken power button is the cause of the rebooting. if you replace it you can keep using the phone.

  10. it worked for a minute. but the home screen never appeared. then the battery icon disappeared too. my phone vibrates after every 2 seconds

  11. Help – I am able to get this far but then it gets stuck on the Start screen and shows me the S for eternity. I can get into recovery mode but my power button is disabled and unable to reset a factory reset to fix it that way. Is there another way to factory reset so it will boot again without the power button??

  12. I have tried this on my Samsung Galaxy s2 due to a failing/broken power button and it is not working. My phone just shows the battery charging.

  13. it didnt work for me either at first. Then i loaded my battery to a hundred percent and wooop woop faaaaantastic, couldn´t be happier. Peace & Love

  14. I did as it says and it still not turning my phone on it just takes me straight back to battery charging I don’t know what else to do and I need to recover some important pictures and numbers

  15. my phone turns on automatically without the power button but I need to reset phone because I forgot i phone code.what do I do?

    1. Orh det er ærgerligt at jeg ikke bor i København, ville jo meget hellere have doneret noget, men jeg må nøjes med at melde mig til konnurrencek! :) Knus Clara..

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