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RepRap Prusa Mendel Project (purchase order)

Yesterday, I sent in the purchase order for most of the parts of the RepRap. It was decided that the SAE (imperial) version of the Prusa Mendel would be much more feasible here in the United States, mainly because it is harder to acquire metric nuts and bolts cheaply. The build is practically the same, with differently-sized holes in the plastic parts.

Also, the stepper motors that I was planning on using were no longer in stock. The new ones a bit more expensive, but they also include the plastic connectors, so that will ease the build process a bit. The SAE Prusa Mendel plastic parts I found on eBay were about $20.00 over the estimate of $80.00, but that does include shipping.

The updated budget with more details on the components are included below.

RepRap Project Cost Estimates (updated 8-28-11)

ComponentDetailsLinkCost + Shipping
RAMPS ElectronicsRAMPS DIY Kit Complete + Optical Endstops Kits w/ wiring + PCB w/ presoldered SMT components$177.00 + ~$9.69 shipping = $294.19
Hot EndSuperPack (.50mm Hybrid)$75.00 + ~$8.69 shipping = $83.69
Stepper Motors5x Kysan 1124090 Nema 17 Stepper Motor$107.50 (shipping inc. w/ RAMPS Electronics)
HardwareStill to be sourced$50.00
RepRapped Plastic PartsRepRap Prusa Mendel PLA parts +Wade's, ready to use$99.00 + $0.00 shipping = $99.00


2 thoughts on “RepRap Prusa Mendel Project (purchase order)

  1. For the printed parts, people willing to pay the higher prices instead of waiting and are driving up the prices on ebay to the point where the sellers are bidding on their own parts to drive up the prices even more. I’ve seen them go for as low as $30 and think around $59.00 (including shipping is reasonable). When you pay the higher price vs waiting you aren’t helping to drive down the price they are asking.

    Perhaps, buy a complete kit for electronics they seem to be better deals.

  2. I just looked at part prices again for the printed plastic parts and they do seem to be a bit cheaper now. It looks as if a lot of printed part sets went up shortly after I sent in the order for those that I found. I understand what you mean by the sellers driving up the prices; hopefully, if I can get some clean prints, I can help pull those prices back down by selling some sets myself. The raw plastic shouldn’t cost anything near what they are charging, and those sellers are only hurting the basic “open” foundation of the RepRap project.

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