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img2dcpu – Spec 1.7 + Lots o’ Stuff Update! (v0.8)

Notch has updated the DCPU specifications to 1.7 and has released a hardware specification for the video screen that will be included in-game, so a lot has changed in how images are displayed on the DCPU screen (or more specifically, the LM1802 Display). Included in these changes are hardware interrupts, mappable video and font RAM, and custom palettes. img2dcpu now takes full advantage of these features, allowing for less flickery animation, more accurate color representation, faster code execution, and smaller code size output! It now works with most current emulators as well. To show off the new custom palette handling, I’ve redone the original Notch image with a more color-accurate version show below or on

img2dcpu v0.8 Screenshot
img2dcpu v0.8 Screenshot

— Contribution —

I hope you can find this work useful, and if you would like to contribute to the developer of this utility, you may send any amount of Bitcoins to this address:


img2dcpu Bitcoin Donation Address
img2dcpu Bitcoin Donation Address

Any amount is appreciated! (more info on Bitcoins at

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