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img2dcpu – Smaller Output Update (v0.7)

Note: img2dcpu has been updated to v0.8! More info can be found here.

I made a few small changes in img2dcpu, in order to decrease the size of the output code that it generates. This means that images and animations will take up much less memory on the DCPU, and longer animations can be generated. Unfortunately, img2dcpu has not been updated to work with Notch’s new (and mostly final) specifications for the DCPU (Version 1.5 and Monitor Hardware), so it will only work on the older DCPU emulators. Updates will soon be made that add support for the specifications, followed by increased color resolution through the use of the new custom color palettes. After that, I will probably work on using image buffering to reduce flickering and scan artifacts in animations (if deemed necessary). If all of that is finished soon, then I will possibly work on improving the UI, maybe adding a drag and drop GUI to simplify conversion. That milestone will mark the release of v1.0 if I feel it is ready for public use.

— Contribution —

I hope you can find this work useful, and if you would like to contribute to the developer of this utility, you may send any amount of Bitcoins to this address:


img2dcpu Bitcoin Donation Address
img2dcpu Bitcoin Donation Address

Any amount is appreciated! (more info on Bitcoins at

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