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img2dcpu – Full Color Update (v0.2)

Note: img2dcpu has been updated to v0.8! More info can be found here.

I’ve added support for full-color bitmap images to img2dcpu, the tool that converts and image into assembly code for Mojang’s upcoming game, “0x10c”. I felt it fitting to test the color-picking ability of img2dcpu by converting an image of none other than Notch himself, the founder of Mojang, and creator of Minecraft! A screenshot can be found below, or you can view/run the code yourself on! This utility is licensed under a GPLv3 License and the source and Windows binary can be found at:

Notch on the DCPU
Notch on the DCPU (On

— Contribution —

I hope you can find this work useful, and if you would like to contribute to the developer of this utility, you may send any amount of Bitcoins to this address:


img2dcpu Bitcoin Donation Address
img2dcpu Bitcoin Donation Address

Any amount is appreciated! (more info on Bitcoins at

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