Auburn University’s Student Projects and Research Committee (AU SPaRC) April Fool’s Joke

This morning, the leader of the Auburn University Student Projects and Research Committee (or AU SPaRC for short) sent out an email to the group asking for a revised version of the flyer that we put out each year to recruit new members. I decided to update the flyer for him, but considering that today is the first of April, I figured that I could send out a joke flyer first. Here is the real flyer (click for a PDF):

SPaRC Information Session Flyer

SPaRC Information Session Flyer

And here is the joke flyer (again, click for a PDF):

SPoRC Information Session Flyer

SPoRC Information Session Flyer

If you enjoyed this, I would love for you to donate to my BitCoin address below (any amount is greatly appreciated!):


SPoRC BitCoin QR

April Fool's SPoRC BitCoin QR Address


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