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SeeMeCNC H-1 3D Printer Project (stepper motor update)

Today, I went and acquired the screws that would be needed to attach these strange stepper motors to the frame. The screws, washers, and nuts run a total of $3.00 at the nearby bolt & screw place, which wasn’t too bad. I went ahead and started mounting the motors and came across some of those issues I had worried about. 

The shafts of the motors were barely long enough to attach the geared pulleys, except for the extruder motor; that shaft was too short altogether. I took one of the steppers from the RepRap for the extruder and stuck with the steppers I have now for the different axes. The extruder geared pulleys are now a perfect fit, while the axis-motors are barely holding out. I would not recommend using these MAE Nema 17 Dual Shaft Stepper Motors that you can find on eBay. When I get a chance, I’ll post a picture and some measurements of what to avoid. (Update: below are some pictures of the motors I purchased.)

Other than that, the build is coming along great! The z-axis and y-axis timing belts have been installed and work really well! Tomorrow, I will probably finish up the x-axis timing belt and get to testing the electronics!

I also want to thank Ray Preston for putting together the RAMP 1.4 board while I was out! Fantastic job!

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