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SeeMeCNC H-1 3D Printer Project (electronics are in)

A few days ago, the electronic parts from UltiMachine, as well as the stepper motors, arrived at my front door. I was going to go ahead and mount the motors to the frame, but the mounts on these steppers were rather peculiar.

The steppers I bought had dual shafts, with a brass gear on one of the shafts. I had planned on using the other shaft, though, so that was not an issue. There was a problem with the screw mounting holes on the ungeared side, though: there weren’t any! It’s kind of hard to explain with words, but hopefully this can explain it. Basically, four screws go all the way through the body of the stepper, with the screw cap on the ungeared side and the nut on the geared side. Also attached to the geared side are brass standoffs that could be used for mounting, but with the H-1, this causes a few shaft length problems.

I can reverse the directions of the screws, but they are not long enough to extend past the stepper body far enough to be mounted to the H-1 frame. I will need to get some longer screws next time that I’m in town. Also, the stepper motor shaft is a little short for the extruder, so we’ll see how that works out.

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